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 spanish pronunciation
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Spanish Pronunciation course is intended for everyone who wants to pronounce Spanish correctly.

The Lessons explain how to precisely position your tongue for each sound. You will no longer have to practice blindly without knowing how to correct your mistakes.

The lessons are complemented by audio exercises pronounced by native speakers for your practice.

Focus of the course

Spanish Phonetics
Pronunciation, rhythm, and intonation
Strategies for correcting mistakes

Tutoring and Exercises
Audio Exercises
Expert email tutoring
Practice of specific sounds
Translations for exercises included

Prerequisites/Requirements Basic knowledge of Spanish
Age group: Middle School and above
Internet 5.5 or above browser
Windows Media Player

Sample Pronunciation
To hear a Sample, please click here.

Preliminary Information
Pronunciation of Vowels
Pronunciation of Consonants
Rhythm and Intonation
Dialectal Variations
Comprehensive Practice