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Intermediate Spanish is a course designed for people who have basic Spanish knowledge at the level of our Elementary course. This includes being able to express actions in the present, past, and future using common everyday words.

Upon completion of this course, the student will have studied sufficient material to correctly use contextually sensitive vocabulary and build complex sentences.

Focus of the course
Compose and speak with more complex sentences
Learn compound tense usage (I have seen)
Learn strategies for vocabulary selection
Improve pronunciation and comprehension

Tutoring and Exercises
Audio for pronunciation practice
Expert email tutoring
Exercises follow the topics covered in the lesson
Answers for all exercises given for self check
Helpful hints available with exercises

Elementary level Spanish
Age group: Middle School and above
No textbook; dictionary recommended
Internet Explorer 5.5 or above browser
Windows Media Player

Sample Lesson
To see a Sample Lesson, please click here.

Verb Tense Review
Problematic Verbs
Relative Pronouns
Compound Tenses
Progressive Tenses
Object Pronouns
Introduction to Subjunctive
Pronunciation & Comprehension