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> Adv Grammar-I (in Eng)
> Adv Grammar-I (in Spa)
> Spanish Pronunciation
> Spanish for Church Missions
> Spanish for Medical Industry
> Spanish for Hotel Industry
Business, Educational Institutions, Government Agencies: Please contact us to inquire about contractual agreements.

All information is confidential and not shared with anyone outside WST. There are 4 steps to taking a course with WST:

Step 1. Registration

  • Fill-out a Registration form for the course you plan to take.
  • An email is automatically sent to inform about the registered course.
  • All updates to the information are also communicated through email.

Step 2. Fee payment

  • Upon submission, a record of your registration is created in WST.
  • Next page displays the option to pay by Credit Card through PayPal or eCheck.
  • The course is activated by WST after the payment is received.

All Credit Card and eCheck transactions are processed through PayPal.

Step 3. Course activation

  • If you have paid by a Credit Card, the course will be activated within 48 hours.
  • You will be informed about the activation by email.
  • The course will terminate automatically when it reaches the expiration date.

Step 4. Web Sign in

  • From WST Home page, on the left side, locate Sign in.
  • Enter Email address and Password. Click Submit.
  • You will see a Welcome page with the courses you have registered for.
  • Click on the desired course and proceed just like you would in a book.