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> Adv Grammar-I (in Eng)
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> Spanish Pronunciation
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:: the tutor
These comprehensive Spanish courses were put together by a Linguist and Grammarian with 20+ years of Spanish teaching experience at 3 major universities (enrolment 25,000+ students) . She can relate to the strengths and weaknesses of English and Spanish speakers.

:: the courses
All the courses are written by one instructor. Therefore, there is continuity and progression in the material from one course to another. The courses are equivalent to or better than University courses.

Knowing words may not help you put a grammatical sentence together. Sometimes two words with the same meaning, may require different contexts. By taking these courses you go beyond words and sentence practice, and learn how to communicate correctly and confidently.

:: the website
The web site is developed by an Information Technology expert with over 20 years experience in website design and databases. The interface is intuitive and designed to suit all levels of students.

You will find 500+ practice tests using Audios, Images & Videos to solidify your spanish knowledge.

o Linguist
o Grammarian
o Bilingual
o Taught 3,500+ students
o 20+ years university teaching
o Extensive Spanish research
o Developed all the courses

o Elementary thru Advanced
o Industry specific
o No mimicking of patterns
o Learn structure of the language
o Step-by-step progression
o Focused exercises
o 24X7 email tutoring
o Access anytime, anywhere
o Audio interface