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 advanced spanish (english)
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Advanced Spanish Grammar-I is intended for people who have a familiarity with the rules of Spanish grammar, but need extensive practice to make them more intuitive.

The lessons give a thorough presentation of grammar, progressively moving the student to near native ability.

Focus of the course
Thorough practice of complex grammar
Strategies for translation and building vocabulary
Improve writing, correctness in expression, translation
Understand the mechanics of the language

Tutoring and Exercises
Audio for pronunciation practice
Expert email tutoring
Exercises follow the topics covered in the lesson
Answers for all exercises given for self check
Helpful hints available with exercises

Basic knowledge of Spanish grammar
Age group: High School and above
No textbook; only a dictionary
Internet Explorer 5.5 or above browser
Windows Media Player

Sample Lesson
To see a Sample Lesson, please click here.

Review of Basic Grammar
Formation of Words
Verb Tenses
Uses of para and por
Uses of conocer and saber
Uses of estar and ser
Personal Pronouns
Study of se
Subordinate Clauses, Subjunctive
Conditional, If Clauses, Probability
Verbal Phrases